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An Automated Platform and Integrated Analysis Framework Enabling Transformation to a Cyber Risk Assurance Program

TechDemocracy is a global cyber risk assurance solutions provider whose DNA is rooted in cyber advisory, managed and implementation services.

We are an advisor and integrator at heart, striving to create centers of excellence for analyzing and scoring compliance, risk, security and governance situational awareness across the enterprise.

Our Intellicta platform and framework-driven, solution-agnostic approach helps companies operationalize a quantified/qualitative risk assurance program unique to their business requirements.

We’re not a company offering a portfolio of cybersecurity and GRC products.

Rather our proprietary platform, services and standards-based framework assess and analyze the effectiveness of existing security solutions at protecting the entire enterprise, and offer companies a consolidated view of their risk and compliance posture.

The Challenges We Address

Organizations do not have a consolidated view of industry best practices and the effectiveness of the technologies they’re relying on to assure complete cyber risk protection and governance.

The breadth of platforms, diverse nature and depth of capabilities of tools in the IT security stack create complexities in senior leaders' ability to ascertain their true risk posture.

These complexities make it difficult for companies to scale a singular standards-based framework and establish an enterprise-wide risk assurance-based program that addresses their business needs.


To help senior business decision makers continuously evaluate in-depth their cybersecurity compliance, risk, and governance effectiveness and overall risk situation.

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